Just a single SD card thanks

Friday, 19 October 2018

The following images were shot on a camera with a *gasp* single SD card slot. Shocking, I know. #sarcasm

I totally get it when people complain about new cameras not having certain features that, realistically, they should have. If you’re going to spend zillions developing a totally new system - body, lens mount and lenses and, no doubt, software to drive it all - why the hell not includes dual SD card slots? If that’s what everyone expects, and you’re playing catch-up as a manufacturer, a second slot should really have been there.

Go out and shoot. Make work that you’re proud to share and stop complaining about how bad you’ve got it.

Conversely, who really cares. Card failures do happen but it’s rare. If you were shooting film it’d be more likely that your lab stuffs it up or you’ve inadvertantly over- or under–exposed your film. The biggest whingers on the internet are those that sit and pour over specs and compare features, primarily to justify their purchasing decision for whatever camera system they’ve just spent thousands on. I use Olympus and Nikon but you might use Fuji and Sony or Canon and Panasonic. We both love photography. Here’s cheers!

Megapixels is another area where kiddies like to duke it out. “I can’t possibly shoot with less than 46 megapixels because I like to crop a lot.” Diddums. Get out of your car and walk a little closer. These are the same people that don’t print anything out and spend all their time in Photoshop scrolling about at 100%. Again, go and make some work. I’ve printed a 2MP file at A2 and no-one has ever said, “Hmmm, I think that should be sharper.”

Sharpness is a bourgeois concept” – Henri Cartier Bresson

Again, this obsession with sharpness is bizarre. Ok, there’s a huge difference between in- and out-of-focus. The thin line between in-focus sharp and tack sharp is getting out of hand. Why? It’s point-scoring nonsense taken to an extreme. Bokeh too.

Repeat after me: Subject matter, story and composition trumps sharpness every time.

I’m finishing there because it’s pointless to go on. I could make a counter-point to every argument for every debated camera ‘shortcoming’. Seriously, think about how far we’ve come since digital started. Sebastião Salgado notes in his book From my Land to the Planet, that since moving from film to digital “the quality of the print is infinitely better.” This was in 2008 on a Canon 1Ds Mark III. If 21 megapixels is enough for Salgado it surely is more than enough for you.